Female Condoms!

First watch this: 
“It felt really good!” Haha! I have been repeating that, British accent included, all day! It cracks me up :-D
J and I tried out a female condom- it actually did feel really good! It felt good to insert it (I liked the feeling of J gently pushing the ring and condom inside until it hit my cervix), and it felt better than a male condom for J… the first couple of times we used them, it did feel a little awkward (maybe even a little like an insertion of something at a hospital, haha), but after it was in, I could hardly tell the difference between a male and female condom.
In group situations (for example, FMFs or GWs) we see the female condom (versus a male condom) as potentially a superior condom to use. It would make it easier to switch between partners in an FMF, and may lesson performance issues during a GW. Also, we think that using female condoms might lesson performance issues for men in general, especially in group situations, since sometimes simply the act of putting on a male condom can turn an erect or semi-erect penis into a flaccid one. Bonus: the female condom is made of polyurethane and so it’s safe for those with latex allergies, and has a thinner, more sensitive feel than latex condoms. J thinks that the sensation of the female condom feels more natural, but also has some added friction and heat making it feel highly pleasurable.
The female condom protects against STIs and pregnancy, and it seems like it would protect against even more skin-to-skin transmitted STIs since more of the vaginal area is covered. The outer ring lays outside of the vagina and covers the lips.
We tried stopping by one of our local Walgreens to buy some: they didn’t carry them!! So we went through Amazon to buy a couple of packs, and also found them at one of our other Walgreens… where they were placed near the register, with the candy bars instead of with all of the other contraceptives. There were only two packs left, too! It is really surprising to me that they aren’t in more widespread use, given their level of protection, usability, and feel. Go female condoms!

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