I Was Tied Up All Afternoon…

was J’s joke all day. “Haha, did you tell your supervisor that you didn’t finish grading the finals because you were ‘a bit tied up’??” Haha, very funny J!

I had one of the most amazing experiences a couple of days ago, and I am still on a high from it. I modeled for a professional Portland rope artist and photographer. It took about 4 to 4 1/2 hours, and was one of the best ways I could have spent an afternoon. I wish the shoot, and my rope stamina, could have lasted even longer!

Originally, I planned to take J with me; I wanted to feel safe and comfortable during my shoot, and I also didn’t want to go to some person’s house by myself so I could be blindfolded and tied up. Because J had to take finals (damn you, finals!) I asked one of our very sexy friends to accompany me (thank you so much again, L!!!). By the time the day arrived for the shoot, I was not concerned about safety because this particular photographer is well-known in the Portland kink community and is reputable, but I still wanted someone with me to increase my sense of comfort. I was more nervous about this because I had been tied up at our sex club the week before and experienced some panicky feelings, and had needed J to sit right next to me while my breathing normalized. So I am really grateful (and so is J!) that we were able to ask a sexy friend to go with me :-)

The setting for the shoot was at first perhaps a little creepy… down in his basement. Extremely cold concrete floors and a solitary beam that I was often in front of. He used cross-lighting to make a sort of gloomy lighting that contrasted with my body, and the raw pictures I saw on his camera were pretty spectacular.

He was an excellent communicator, highly respectful, understanding, and very patient with me. He was also of course an excellent rope artist. The poses and ties he made were beautiful and amazing to be in. I had four successful poses that he took shots of, all of which made me feel vulnerable and beautiful. One I was sitting in front of the beam with my arms tied above my head. Another I was kneeling in front of the beam, leaned forward, and with a piece of bamboo acting as a spread bar. The third I was on my stomach in a hog tie (J’s favorite!!). The last one I was on my back with my arms tied behind my back, one leg bent and tied to itself and the other leg straight. I loved posing for this one; I loves arching my back and letting myself feel so exposed and cold. We tried a couple of suspension poses (a side suspension and a hog tie suspension), but they were too intense for me. It is an amazing amount of pressure to be hanging from the ceiling by rope! I cut myself some slack since I have only been tied up a few times, and all of those times they were arms-behind-the-back sort of ties, not suspension or full-body ties. I definitely want to be suspended at some point and I definitely would shoot for this artist again. 

I have been on a such a high, not to mention extremely turned on, since I did this. I can’t believe this is such a thing for me now, but I love it, and I can’t wait to keep exploring what rope play does for me!

2 thoughts on “I Was Tied Up All Afternoon…

  1. Sounds like a good time! Glad you found something you really like……anytime you want to help ME practice, you know where I live ;)
    -other J

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