I went in for another audition today… and then heard back from a club I previously auditioned at that I can work there! I am so thrilled!! I can’t wait to really try this and see if I like it.

Even more thrilling was my realization that I am literally not. ashamed. of. my. body.

Which, after my five month counseling interlude last year for body image crap, is a huge sigh of relief. I love my body, and I really don’t care who sees it, clothed or naked. In fact, I love sharing my body with other people. I love being in touch with my body. And I think that shows.

Even more surprisingly to me… I did my audition today with my cousin and her BF in tow. I totally did it. With family there. And you know what? It didn’t matter! I just felt like, this is my body, and this is me dancing. It was great! I don’t think I would ever dance like that in front of my parents, but my best cousin who I share so much with… that was way different.

Thank you A & J for your support and love!! And for the delicious lunch and talk. Love!

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