Our Favorite Sex Toys

In time for Valentine’s Day, here are our favorite sex toys, in no particular order (mostly, I had just been wanting to post my favorite sex toys and it seemed timely :-P ):

  • Hitachi: I’ve talked about this one enough on here. Enough said. But please be careful of your clitoris. No one wants a broken clitoris.
  • OxBalls Cock Sheaths: Also have been mentioned (but not by name) on here. They are amazing for adding girth, length, and texture. They can be quite the challenge if you are up for it ;-) (We have the Dude and the Gym-Boy, and I love them both.)
  • Pure Romance Super Stretch Lips: This is J’s favorite masturbation sleeve, even above the Tenga Air Flip. This sleeve is super squishy, easy to use, and cleans up well. It can also be used in conjunction with a blow job. Mmm.
  • Glass dildo: I got my glass dildo at a sex positive shop in southern OR. It was made by a local artisan, and I love it. It curves just slightly, has a bigger head, and swirled ridges. It’s light pink, with a pretty flower at the bottom. I love glass, because it heats up and cools down quickly, can be used with any kind of lube, and is completely sterile/washes super easily. Explore online or at your favorite sex store and I am sure you can find a comparable glass toy.
  • Fetish Fantasy Elite Dildo: I mentioned this dildo recently (re: Sexy Shower Time) post. I love it because the size is a huge challenge, curves lightly at the end so it reaches my G spot well, and increases in size gradually. It also can be used with a harness and suctioned to shower walls and bath floors. Yum.
  • Feeldoe Vibrating Dildo: I love this. Absolutely love it. The ads for it say you don’t need a harness to use it, but that’s baloney. At least, I don’t know any woman who works her Kegels enough to hold in the dildo sans harness. I can’t remember which size I have (either classic or slim), but I definitely have the vibrating kind. We eventually bought a better bullet vibe (the one that came with the dildo lost battery really quickly), and it can go and go. It is so fabulous that the wearer gets clitoral stimulation from the ridges and vibration. Also, mine is blue (remember Avator cock??), which is hot. This dildo pairs well with Aslan’s Cherry Jaguar harness.
  • JO Premium Lube: Our favorite lube, by far. It is silicone, super thick and slippery, and lasts a long time. JO water-based lube is also nice. Just remember that technically, you should not use silicone lube with silicone sex toys, as it will degrade the sex toy faster.
  • Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System: This restraint system is super easy to set up, and kick-started our explorations of bondage, domination, and submission. 

Happy Sexing! And Merry Early Lovin’ Day! Remember to show love and gratitude to all those you love: romantic, platonic, and familial peeps.
Share the love and swim in it :) 

2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Sex Toys

  1. This an interesting post and I like the sex toys that you have mentioned in this post and also the reviews that you have shared. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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