I’m Still Here!

I don’t know if it was our trip to Maui, the summer weather back in the PNW, boredom with blogging, boredom with myself, or a combination of all of the above, but I just lost my drive to blog. I think it’s coming back. (*fingers crossed* I really like blogging, so I want to want to do it!)

Some highlights:

-We are about 98% sure we are staying in the PNW. The school I want to go to up here has a sex therapy clinic. Amazing!

-We had an awesome party last night with all of our sexy and wonderful friends, and it was really satisfying to have so many beautiful and open people in one spot!

-Still dating the lovely M :D and it’s going really well!! (I think so anyway!)

-J graduated and it was really, really amazing to watch him walk across the stage, get his diploma, and wear his gown and cute hat :D I am so proud of him!! 

Some favorite articles from the past couple of weeks:
Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That” on New York Times
The War Against Monogamy is Bullshit” on Jezebel
What’s in your Vulva?” on Nursing Clio

Some things coming up I am stoked about:

-Dan Savage is here! Today! On book tour! Let’s see if I can kick these awful allergies for a couple hours so I can go

-World Naked Bike Ride! Enough said.

-PRIDE PARADE. Also, enough said.

-Some upcoming time to be spent at our swingers’ club. So excited!!!

Happy June!

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