Swingers’ Clubs

My post on our first experience in our swingers’ club went live on DA. Yay! I love this post- it’s really fun for me to reflect on the purely fun and positive experiences we have had, especially in the beginning when everything was just super shiny and new.

I would add the following to the post:

If you are visiting a swingers’ club for the first time, here are some basic rules of etiquette and things to think about:

-Be friendly, smile, make eye contact
-Don’t be pushy
-Always ask before you touch someone
-Practice talking about safer sex before you go, and expect to talk about safer sex when you are there (if you engage in any sex)
-If this is a totally new experience for you, try to keep an open mind and keep an attitude of curiosity
-Have boundaries set up with your partner(s) before you get there
-Check in with your partner(s) throughout your time there. Check in with yourself too! How are you feeling? Many people feel overwhelmed at swingers’ clubs, even during their second, third, or more visit. Be gentle with yourself, and with your partner(s), and try to enjoy your moment there without expectations or pressure.
-Talk with other regular patrons of the club to hear about their positive and less-than-ideal situations and experiences. Ask about club parties, good nights to go, other ways of being involved in the community. Making friends can help you relax and enjoy socializing with other sexually positive and adventurous people!

One thought on “Swingers’ Clubs

  1. “Many people feel overwhelmed at swingers' clubs”
    Yes. The first visit to a club with my wife was fairly low key compared to our second visit. I'm glad we had the lower key experience first.
    I'm looking forward to returning. If our first experience had been like our second I think my wife would have been a bit scared off.

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