Student Things

I am so excited to start school!! Next week!

The line-up:

-Psychology for Everyone (for my lack of psych background- it reminds me of my Physics for Future Presidents class from college. haha)

-Theory & Practice in Family Therapy

-Introduction to Marriage, Couples, & Family Therapy

-Equity in Family Therapy

-Ethical & Legal Issues

-LGBTQ & Family Therapy

-The Enneagram: Exploring a Tool for Clinical Practice (so stinkin’ excited for this one!)

Whoo!! I am going to be a busy, but totally enriched and happy, girl. 

I finally feel like I am on my path. And it feels awesome. I remember a peer from my Masters of Public Health program who was, from the outside, totally on the ball, motivated, and driven. And she found fulfilling work soon after the program as a natural outcome from the satisfaction she got from her hard work during the program. I feel like how it seemed she felt. I feel on top of my shit and it feels so good!

*smiling wide* *looking forward to getting to go back to school* *looking forward to the opportunity to work hard*