Recent Articles & Resources

Some recently seen articles I wanted to pass on:

J found these great (/annoyingly funny) pieces on The Onion:

On a family watching sexually explicit movies
Abstinent only sex education
Marriage counseling is a scam
Hatred of marriage counselor

For those of you as fed up as me with all of the hype about “hook up culture,” here is a study that discusses how it’s a bit (and by “a bit” I mean very) overblown: Study dispels notions of ‘no-holds barred’ sex on campus

Anyone want more of Marty Klein’s great wisdom? Sign up for his teleseminar series!! (Probably most interesting to those working in the mental health/psychology/counseling field)

And, lastly, today Dawn Davidson and Kathy Labriola are offering a free teleseminar on managing jealousy! It’s going to be awesome! RSVP even if you can’t listen live so you can listen to the recording later!


3 thoughts on “Recent Articles & Resources

  1. OK, so if you're posting Onion pieces of a sexual nature, you should have both of these:,19984,14174

    I am amazed at how much effort The Onion puts into these production pieces, given that they are entirely ad-supported. They produce some extremely polished stuff that's wickedly funny

  2. This is really the best one, and I forgot to include it in my original post!!,33290/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=Default:1:Default

  3. OK, this one is actually serious, in Slate today. I thought it might spark it's own blog post. I suspect some of your experiences might sync with the author's.

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