Hotwifing: What’s the Big Deal?

I have been noticing, for about 8 months now, that the vast majority of new visitors to my blog reach it through the few posts I have on hotwifing.

Look at these stats:

What’s the big deal folks?

Here’s my take:

Men are taught that one should never give up “their woman” to another man- to do so is emasculating. To enjoy the fact that one’s female/woman partner has a sexual relationship with another man emasculates and demoralizes you. To enjoy and get turned on by being with a woman who you are not in a relationship with (who is in fact in a coupled relationship with another man) is also taboo and rule-breaking.

I think there are a lot of you men out there looking for explanations, for community, to feel normal in your sexual desires and fantasies and turn ons.

You know what I think?

I think you’re all awesome. Talk about turning patriarchy on its head, folks! Talk about subverting misogynistic values upside down!! (Assuming, OF COURSE, that you are not coercing or forcing your partner to be intimate with anyone that they don’t want to be intimate with.) (And maybe I am completely wrong about this.)

I would love to hear from those of you who reach my blog via hotwife searches. Leave me some comments, send me an email, tell me your stories. Maybe we can create some more hotwife content on here- fantasies, real stories, motivations, experiences.

PS: Who is searching for “the different kinds we ended”? What does that mean, and how do you arrive at this blog?

Also: Props to cock sheaths!!! THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN! BUY ONE! OR TWO! OR MORE! :D

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