The Incredible Hunk

J and I finally played with our newest toy last night. Yes, it really is called The Incredible Hunk. I liked it! And was able to use more of it than I thought! The feeling is similar to fisting or DVP- really full. It’s made of silicone and has really nice ridges and texture, and so has an amazing feel. I recommend!! :D

I’ve got to admit: I’m just as taken with the marketing. It cracks me up! “A NEW league of HEROES has arrived just in time to SAVE you from BORING bedroom play!” Haha! (*easily amused*)

2 thoughts on “The Incredible Hunk

  1. Wow, been following your blog for a while, and I love it.

    The hottest theme is degradation. I don't know what imprinted the desire on me, but nothing is hotter than knowing that I am not enough for my partner. That my average length and girth cannot satiate. I envy J to a high degree.

    I'm trying to get my girlfriend into this. I want her to feel comfortable questioning my size and ask me to wear a sheath or pull out and use a larger dildo. However, it's hard to word it, because I feel she'd just think I'm…well, to put it plainly, “bitch-made”. I guess it's one thing for me to take it in pegging, but another to not be able to give it.

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