LGBTQ & Family Therapy

I just had to write a brief post saying that this class today rocked my socks!! I am so glad I am taking it. Even better:

My textbook includes a chapter on poly-families, and the blending of LGBTQ and poly dynamics within families.


My professor has a guest lecturer coming in to talk specifically about poly and (maybe) BDSM relationships.

I am so excited! And feel so lucky to be in a more progressive town with a more progressive marriage, couples, and family therapy program. I feel like I am in such a good place!

2 thoughts on “LGBTQ & Family Therapy

  1. Uh…..Ya. Imagine the struggles poly families have in a place like Alabama or other parts of the deep South.

    And how many examples can you think of with political families who are triads or more? I recall recently some politician whose wife has another female lover, but the name escapes me. Of course there are plenty of triads where the male politico just as another woman on the side, but I don't count those.

  2. For sure!! I can't imagine living somewhere very conservative again. After my first Equity class today, the fact that I am geographically privileged in this area (liberal local politics, comfort for being out as LGBTQ and poly) is quite salient.

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