Sex With Google Glass

J found this the other day and passed it on to me: Sex with Glass. It’s one tech company’s innovative contribution to a possible use of the new Google Glasses technology.


At first, the proposal struck me funny. Of course there was someone out there who would pair these two together. It was a matter of time. And it still strikes me as lighthearted, but there are also other issues and questions that have been percolating for me.

-Would this allow a couple to re-experience each other? Could it add some excitement and adventure to a long-term relationship?

-What degree of self-confidence would these require? Could you experience any insecurity or self-consciousness at all?

-Is being an exhibitionist or voyeur a prerequisite to having a fun time with these?

-How is this similar to the thrill people get (myself included) from watching themselves have sex in a mirror or played back from a video recording?

-Would using this technology heighten the experience of melting into another person, since now you are able to literally see what they see? Or would it backfire because you can remove yourself from your own senses?

-Similarly, what would this technology do to our sense of separateness and togetherness within an intimate relationship?

And the all-important question:

-Who would, or want to, wear these glasses during sex?

What do you think? Fabulous new sex toy? Another creeping technological distraction, pulling us away from truly connecting? Both? Neither?

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