Movie Nights in Lieu of Therapy

I read this article a few days ago while waiting for the crowd to come into the strip club: “Move Night Can Double as Therapy

I’m curious what people think about this idea- of watching “relationship movies” as a couple instead of going to couples counseling. It seems like it would take a lot of self-initiative on the parts of both/all people involved, and that the people in the relationship would not find it necessary to have a counselor present to move forward on thorny issues. I suppose if the purpose of counseling is simply to help people reconnect with one another, that this could do just as good of a job (again, as long as all people involved want to reconnect and rediscover one another). However, if there are any major challenges or hurdles within the relationship, it seems like having some outside support could be more helpful than a movie.

Thoughts? Have you gone to couples counseling? Would you opt to watch a movie with your honey instead, and talk about it afterwards?

One thought on “Movie Nights in Lieu of Therapy

  1. If you’re going into it with the intent of getting something positive out of it, I’d say you’re better off than nothing, probably. I do find that watching movies can help put me in a better mood and remind me of things that matter, but it would depend on the movie. I think counseling is more important because you obtain tools for communicating that many people wouldn’t be able to come up with on their own.

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