A Room of Queer Women

Last night I attended a “speed dating” event for queer women with a good friend. I had no idea what to expect; I have rarely (maybe never?) attended an event only for women who are into other women. My queer community is pretty lacking. Once we got there, I was super nervous. I had barely any time to think about it during the week, and then all of a sudden- bam!- I was there, and I was sweating through my favorite white sweater.

It was totally Portland- held in a “chemical sanctuary,” we weren’t allowed to wear perfume, someone had brought raw truffles with an ingredient they explained was a “heart opener,” and I felt totally out of place in my gray cords and white sweater. Most people were wearing mismatched flowing pieces of clothing, scarves, no socks, jingly waist chains. I felt out of my element.

The evening flow was a bit off. There was a little too much structured talking and not event mingling and free-flowing movement. My friend and I left about the time they were going to start the “dance and speed dating” part (we’d been there for two and a half hours pretty much just talking). It was also intimidating for me since more than half of the people already knew each other. My social anxiety kept me sitting on the floor for most of it, breathing and trying to relax.

There was one person who I was instantly attracted to- someone who fits a particular “type” I tend to be attracted to. Short hair, more butch in appearance. But he was absolutely glowing from the inside out, totally radiant. Beautiful smile. My heart wants!! (my pussy too) But I got the impression he is perhaps maxed out with romantic connections… we’ll see if anything happens.

All in all, another good experience for me. I pushed my comfort level, got to connect with my good friend in another way, and also met a number of intelligent, conscious, and beautiful women. Happy Friday Night to Me! :)

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