Sexy Storytelling

I had a Skype meeting last night with one of the producers of our local Mystery Box storytelling shows, and I am excited to work on two stories for them!

I told a narrative of my experience with school and stripping, but I also really want to work on one about the birthday gift that I did for J a couple years ago (the gangbang film).

Eric gave me some good feedback about how to structure the story.

Start with a beginning scene, add some narrative, describe another scene, add some narrative, describe another scene, etc.

Describing the moments that were particularly emotional and difficult to explain why for me this situation was so challenging.

Give the audience a flavor of who I am as a whole person before saying I’m a stripper.

This story is emotional for me and brings up a lot of vulnerability, and while this will draw an audience in, it also teeters on making me want to stand on my soapbox about sex worker rights which could alienate audience members.

The gangbang story is lighthearted and fun- a much different tone and intention.

In any case, I am excited about working on these and hopefully telling one or both sometime in the future!

Do you have any sexy stories you would ever share publicly like this? Maybe you should get in touch with Eric & Reba yourself! Or share here anonymously if the whole “standing in front of a bunch of strangers and talking about it” sounds a little intimidating (it does to me, too) :)


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