I was thinking of you. We were wrapped around each other, legs and arms completely wrapped- I don’t know whose were whose.

We were beautiful, colorful. Butterflies. We danced together, moved together, laughed together, smiled at one another. We coiled together so tightly until we bounced away from one another. We grew wings. We admired one another. We fluttered and buzzed and hummed together.

We lay next to each other, on soft grass, looking up to the wide, blue sky. Trees, tall as forever. Our other loves, nearby, talking, laughing. I trace my fingers up and down your arm, down your leg, across your stomach. I feel your breasts. I’ve been wanting this for so long. We kiss and it’s magical. Your lips are full, your smile is wide, your eyes are deep. You show me more and more of yourself. There are dark parts and shiny parts and rainbow parts. I want to know them all.

I feel your pussy. It’s wet and warm and I slowly finger you. I kiss you harder and harder. I move down slowly, begin to slowly lick you until you’re consumed. I want to make you come, to make you feel as good as you make me feel.

And I want to do this all again tomorrow and the next day until we can no longer.



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