Life stuff:

That job I was offered? Well can you believe they took the offer back? So bizarre- it was because they want someone with more experience since there will be very little supervision and training. Granted the supervisors really want me to apply for another, similar job that they are hiring for. And I will, especially since my supervisor is leaving in a couple of months and I’m not sure what will happen to my component. I was disappointed, but the biggest emotion I noticed was a sense of expectation. I had had a feeling all day on Friday that it wasn’t going to work for some reason. So I sighed a little and smiled and said I understood. And my next emotion? Feeling proud of myself for being flexible and not getting wrapped up into the stupidity or unfairness of that process.

I am still working on getting all of my blog posts re-categorized and newly tagged. So if you are clicking on categories and tags, you will not find all of the posts related to those categories/tags just yet. I have almost 600 to get through and I am almost halfway done!

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