Successful Relationships

How do expectations and assumptions drive your relationships?

What do you mean when you say “relationship”? Are you referring to any kind of connection with another person? Do you specifically mean a relationship marked by a romantic and sexual connection, or if not romantic/sexual, an intimate one?

How do you know if that relationship is “successful”? Is it made successful by time? Marked by a level of intensity or commitment? Marked by shared interests or goals? Does success hinge on change?

And what do intimate relationships look like for you? Do you prefer them to be daily connections, or is it okay if they appear and reappear once a week or once a month or once a year? How do you decide when a relationship is a Relationship? Is it made by formal commitment? Does a certain level of intimacy have to exist?

Expectations and assumptions can, in my opinion, sour even the best of intentions. Having a clear understanding of what you want relationships to look and feel like, and communicating that understanding to you partners is essential. Releasing your desires and understandings will support you even further in maintaining a sense of flexibility.


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