Rope Play: Stay Posted!

This past weekend we visited our local “swingers” club with some friends just to hang out.  While we were there, there was a man providing rope demonstrations and speaking to people about rope play and bondage.
We had in fact gone to our “swingers” club on a night catered specifically to the BDSM lifestyle (this night was not) and decided that for the most part we are not into most of what that sort of play encompasses.  We have both decided that, for the most part, we like our sex to be “vanilla”. . . we just like a lot of different varieties of vanilla.  So imagine our surprise when the man providing rope demonstrations gave us some basic information about rope play and did an exercise with us in which K was orgasmically turned on by a simple pull on the wrist involving a rope.
The man providing the rope demonstrations provided us with a jumping off point with information about rope play including different ropes, pressure points, endorphin release associated with rope play, and the incredible trust that must be established between two people involved in this sort of play.
J is still trying to figure out whether or not he would be interested in rope play although we do know that we both have fun playing with our bed restraints and “love cuffs.”  He is unsure if it is something that he would ever want to do. However, just like many other things, when K is incredibly turned on by something, J is eager to try it out and explore it because he is so turned on when K is turned on!  And, the way that K has described her desire to explore in this area has actually served to turn J on because he is always excited to learn about a new kinky side of K.

We will probably look into this more because of the incredible reaction that K had to this simple exercise.  We merely decided to include this blog post as a way of reminding people to remain open to the possibility of different types of play and with different types of people.  There is always something new to explore and try and you may not even have found the thing that most turns you on yet!

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