GW Update!

We have been asked by many loyal readers and friends… what the heck happened with the Goddess Worship?!?!

It didn’t happen. 

Many factors contributed to us canceling it. The main issue was the inability to find men who could provide STI testing paperwork from the past six months. (Side note: part of this is definitely related to our persistence in remaining STI-free. This is also related, however, to the level of honesty and transparency we expect in our partners. We now realize that is a lot to ask for and try to find!!) Another issue was finding men who were physically attractive and intelligent. Another issue was that our Craigslist ad was flagged and removed about ten times in two days, making it more difficult to find people who would be interested in this encounter.

We decided that this is a better fantasy to enact once we have accumulated a few more sexy friends who can lend us themselves or their male counterparts for an evening. Having that level of comfort and trust established first will make it easier for us to live out this fantasy.

Until then… K will continue to explore her exhibitionist side, dancing in the cage at our sex club!!

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