Christopher Ryan in Person!

Christopher Ryan was in town this past week! And we got to go see him, along with 600 other fans. He was down-to-earth, funny, and knew his audience. He even said, You all didn’t come here for me! You came here to meet each other!! How adept, C.R.! J and I did notice a lot of attractive and young couples, and a lot of fit and attractive older couples (where are all of you??)

It was an awesome way to brush up on some basic Sex at Dawn facts, buy a new copy of the book, and have the author sign it for us. I loved seeing the other Sex at Dawn paraphernalia. I was tempted to buy one of the shirts that read “Wake up to Sex at Dawn,” but honestly didn’t know where I would wear it, except for going to another one of his lectures… or when going to bed.

With our new copy in hand, I think I may have to re-read all or parts of it. One of my favorite lines: “If fear is removed from jealousy, what’s left?” (p.148) I am looking forward to hunkering down with this book again, in our 58-degree apartment, with our electric blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Because nothing is sexier than that. 🙂

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