The L Word

J and I have been watching “The L Word,” the 2004 Showtime series. I honestly don’t know who likes it more- me or him. I guess the main thing is: we both love it!

We realized why we both like it so much. The downside to traditional, free porn online is that there is hardly a story or plot. You don’t get to know the characters, and if there is any storyline, it is cheesy and embarrassing at best. The downside to written erotica is that you don’t get the added pleasure of seeing the action visually (although there is definitely something to be said for having the freedom to visualize characters and scenes however you please). The L Word is the best of both worlds: developed characters and plots, hot actors, and hot sex. It’s like erotica come to life!

I just can’t believe how turned on we both can get from watching this show. I think it’s pretty dramatic, and sometimes cheesy, and I also am a bit annoyed that there isn’t much size difference among the actors on the show (most of them are rail-thin!). But, it is entertaining enough, and when sex does happen on the show, it adds to the plot and characters. I also think the show does a decent job of showing different kinds of sex- while the passionate scenes turn me on the most, I like seeing slower and more sensual sex, and sex between long-time partners.

Yay porn, yay erotica, yay The L Word! And yay for the fact that we are still on season 1, and each episode is like 45 minutes long… we have a lot to get through 😉

Happy Weekend!

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