Surgery = No Sex???

So we had an eventful weekend. I went into the ER on Friday morning from what turned out to be appendicitis… I had my appendix taken out on Friday afternoon and came home on Saturday. J has been the most perfect hausfrau and nurse, and hopefully I will be back to my normal self in the next week or so. 

BUT: it hurts to laugh, sneeze, cough, and basically do anything that uses my abs.

WHICH MEANS: I can’t have sex until I am healed! Which means, I am going to be a very sexually frustrated individual :-/ How sad, how very, very sad.

The crazy part of this to me is that none of my providers even mentioned this tiny little fact to me! They said, rest, walk around when you can, no strenuous exercise until fully healed (about 1-2 weeks). But, in my delirium, I didn’t put it together that this also meant NO SEX!

Luckily, this is where Sexual Intelligence comes in super handy. Making out, massage, cuddling, giving hand jobs or oral… all of these would be totally satisfying for me. Even if I can’t masturbate or orgasm, giving someone else pleasure is a pleasurable activity for me. So maybe I can stop crying about it and start whispering dirty things into J’s ear 😉

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