I Found It!!

I finally found J’s p spot! And brought him to spectacular orgasm! YESSSS!!! 😀
This must be what it feels like for a partner who finds his/her partner’s g spot. It was incredible!
I loved the whole experience- lubing him up, giving him an awesome blow job, dirty talking, and slowly working my fingers into him. As I stroked his p spot he became more and more aroused, I could feel his p spot getting bigger and bigger until finally I watched him cum. It was absolutely crazy how much it felt like fingering a vagina. Really similar orgasmic contractions, only way stronger.
We invested in a couple new toys for him- prostate massagers. We haven’t used them yet, as we are still working our way up to them. But we also got Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging (which is something we both want to do very badly!!), which has had some really helpful tips so far for anal play. Such as the fact that the prostate is about 2-3 inches inside the rectum- I wasn’t successful in locating it until now because for some reason thought it was much closer to the opening. And seeing actors in positions that work for them to stimulate the prostate was also really helpful. I love educational porn! Totally helpful, and puts me even more in the mood, because I’m like “Oooo I want to do that!” 😀
Yay. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Found It!!

  1. P spot orgasms are so dynamic! Makes me want to grab my toy right now. Once I found it it's become part of the routine. Kudos to you for finding it.

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