Mind Melting!

Alright, it’s high time for this blog post.

Short story: I have been dating this amazing and beautiful girl. J and beautiful girl hit it off, too. We have the most amazing threesomes of my life. My mind melted.

Longer story: We invited D to go down to CA with us. J had been flirting with her the week before, and J and I had been having hot, hot, HOT sex fantasizing about having her with us. I didn’t think anything sexual was going to happen among the three of us, but J was certain of it. I am glad we didn’t bet on it, because J would have definitely won. 

Picture this: beautiful house, pool, hot tub, a king size bed. Menage a trois wine (corny but perfect, right??). Lots of flirting and good conversations. Beautiful, fit bodies. Naked in the hot tub. She and I start to kiss and touch each other. And then… I don’t even remember how it all flowed from one minute to the next. All I know is that it was one of the most extraordinary sexual experiences of my life. It felt totally shocking and gorgeous and fantastic. Like all of the stars in the night sky above us were swirling around and around and exploded in my brain. Seriously. It was that good. And then I was laughing so hard I almost started to cry. The happiness and satisfaction and love I felt made my heart and stomach and whole body ache and shudder.

Whew. And it happened again and again.

There are always other emotions and experiences and perceptions to any story, as there are for this one as well. But this post is dedicated to the beautiful craziness of the our amazing, amazing CA threesomes. (And I realize now that this post isn’t very long. But sometimes more words take away from a story. So here it is. Short and very, very extra sweet.)

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