Two Shots of Tequila, and You’ll Be Great!

I have had two more auditions at different clubs this week…

And both went really, really well. I had even more fun at both of them than at the first. I got to use the actual stages and really use my pole moves. Which was so much fun. And it felt like exercise, which was awesome. I walked away a little sweaty and flushed, which always feels nice. And I felt sexy, and my exhibitionist side really came out. I really do love dancing in the nude.

Meeting other dancers has been interesting. So far I have met a drunk one, one of lower intelligence, and another really sweet one. The management I have met has been across the board: the first DJ from my earlier post was a jerk, but the bouncers, bartenders, and DJs from the most recent two auditions have all been very polite, supportive, and sweet.
My favorite two quotes from my audition today:

From a club patron: “Are you sure you’ve never done this before? Two shots of tequila, and you’ll be really great!”

And from a dancer talking to the woman bartender: “Yeah, she’s hot! I know! I saw you checking her out!”

I realized something, too, yesterday as I was watching the dancers walk across the club: I am motivated by very similar things as strip club patrons.

I dig chicks, and I like seeing them naked.

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