Swinging into the fall

We had some amazingly sexy friends in town last weekend… And took them to our swinger’s club for their first foray into a club (we love taking swinger club virgins!!! haha! it reignites our excitement for the place and the people there). And had some hot, hot sexy times!! Both are intelligent, hot, fun, and genuine people… just the kind of partners that both J and I love to spend (sexy and not sexy) time with. It felt so good to spend quality time with people we enjoy so much and also enjoy some low-pressure sexy times. It felt so good to do with them as friends, and also felt really good within the space of our relationship. We needed that low-pressure and fun experience. It was refreshing and rejuvenating.

I had a wake-up moment while we were with them, too: I am so into women. Goodness. After a month of heartache and disappointment, I had forgotten. Almost. Totally remembered after 30 seconds how I feel when I dig a chick. Really hot.

I only wished that they lived a teensy bit closer. Like in the same state would be nice, for starters 🙂

One thought on “Swinging into the fall

  1. How fun. It's encouraging to know that a LTR can not be relegated to a complete shut-down of sexual exploration.

    Good for you both.

    Some of these non-normative approaches to sexuality can be extremely difficult given the dearth of support network, or even understanding from normative friend networks.

    Good luck to you both as you find your happiness.

    My wife and I are hoping to break our collective “maidenhead” in regards to the local sex clubs. Mayhaps we run into one another in the future.


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