So Much Sexiness in So Little Time!!

When J and I first opened up about a year and a half ago, our sex life together went through the roof. We started having sex like we did when we first started having sex- as much as possible… two or three or four times in a day. Our sex life together has waxed and waned since then, but generally it has stayed higher than it was before we opened up.

Well, as a result of our reconnecting, apologies, forgiveness… I think just generally seeing each other deeply again and willing to be vulnerable with each other again… the sexual energy exploded. So. much. fun.

Apparently it started when J got into bed at 1:30am, nekkid. I was already asleep. He put his arm around me to say goodnight, and I put my arm around his (apparently)… and then proceeded to put my other hand on his cock. Haha! J is notorious in our bed for sleepy-humping, aka starting to have sex with while asleep. But I have never been reported to start it. Anyways, a couple hours later, I woke up to Mr. Sleepy-Hump, and it was great…we shared fantasies until 4am. Then, in the morning we did it again. Later that evening when he got home, we had an a-m-a-z-i-n-g threesome with a friend (potentially more on that later; it deserves it’s own blog post), and after the friend left we loved on each other again. My stripping skills even came in handy because I gave them both lap dances, and then gave J a private one… I guess I’m getting pretty good! 😉 …And we proceeded to love each other again the next day.

All of this reminds me of some of our earlier blog posts on casual versus intimate sex. Sometimes I have seen on other blogs or websites or in other books that casual and intimate sex depends more on what people are doing rather than how they are feeling. I know very clearly that it is how I am feeling that defines the mood for me. For instance, and interestingly, during our threesome I at once felt like I was having intimate sex with J and more casual sex with our other partner. But having had reconnected with J so well earlier in the week set us up to have intimate sex this whole week, no matter what we were doing and how. It all felt extremely intimate and connecting, and it has been healing and wonderful.

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