Some Work Highlights

-Flirting with my bartender crush.
-Meeting a poly guy, who recently bought a house with his wife and another couple; the four of them have been dating three months (whoa!)
-Meeting a man who has been looking for a sexy lady to take home to his wife, who has never been with a woman but desperately wants to.
-Meeting a male dancer from Seattle who unzipped his pants to show me his $100 panties, and showed me his FB page with his promotional pictures. Ha!
-Seeing swingers walk into the club and make out with each other on the couches. Mono people just don’t do that.
-Transforming my work: seeing my dances as a way to provide intimacy and variety for people who are looking to add some to their lives.
-Having a fellow dancer, after explaining that J and I were monogamous for four years, ask “What’s that?” with regards to monogamy. What?!
-Truly enjoying my sexy belly chain: yes please!

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