Rope Photo Shoot…

Friday afternoon. I drive about 25 minutes east of where we live. I arrive to a run-down house at about 2pm. I smile as I get out of the car, reflecting on my last experience. I walk up to the door, preparing myself mentally. I knock, and he opens the door. Kind and deep eyes, welcomes me inside.

We get to work, after discussing logistics like poses, dominance, pain, and flexibility. He finds me a red silk robe to wear, and I undress. 

We start in the living room. Hardwood floors, old rocking chair. He ties my arms behind my back, and my legs bent. Mouth agape, eyes closed. Eyes open. Pinching my nipples, making me cry out. We work here for about two hours, doing minor adjustments to the rope ties. I am in the rope deep.

He helps me walk to the bedroom, where he lays me down and lets me settle into the rope. My mind is somewhere deep, I am thinking but not thinking. I am meditating. My body feels cool on the outside but warm and comfortable on the inside. He comes back after a time, setting up photography equipment and laying out ropes for some new positions. He lays me on my back, leaving my arms tied behind back. My legs are bent, my calves tied to my thighs, my feet pointed. I admire the knots. He adjusts the pose a few times, taking photos of each new one. An hour passes.

I tell him I think that I am close to being done. He unties me, taking photos of the ropes laying across my body, showing off my marks. He takes off all of the rope, leaving my naked and exposed body laying across the bed.

He sits on the bed, and asks if I want to puddle some more or if I am ready to come out. I whisper I am ready to come out. He pinches my ear lobes and my eyes open wide as I take in a deep breath. He touches pressure points and I take in another deep breath. He pinches my ear lobes again and I am back. Wide awake. I feel rejuvenated and relaxed. I still feel deep, but awake. 
I put my clothes back on. I walk back to the living room, thank him for his work. We hug, he asks me check back in with him about how I feel the next day. He makes sure I am okay to drive. I am. I get in the car, and wonder when I can do it again.

Thankful for this experience. Feeling alive and happy. Feeling deeply seated within myself.

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