Mmm Quite the Weekend

We met some new sexy friends, and they rocked our world!! Love that! Meeting other attractive, intelligent (emotionally, socially, sexually, cognitively), thoughtful, and yummy people undoes J and I. It is so awesome. We hadn’t met a couple that we clicked with and felt chemistry with in so long. It was refreshing and amazing. Yummy pretty much describes it. Yuummmmm 😀 It also amps up our sex… which is so much fun! Cock sheaths + my Hitachi = heaven.

We went to the big Halloween party at our swingers club, and we went as a politician (Eliot Spitzer) and his call girl… haha! When I went to buy a dress, the women at the lingerie store said “Well, you definitely need something with leopard print!” Is that a stereotype of sex workers? Leopard print?? We completed the look with J wearing his sexy smokin’ suit and an American flag lapel pin, and me with cash sticking out of my barely-there dress (when I brought it home, J was like “Oh! That’s you dress?? I thought you were showing me a shirt!” hahaha). Anyways, as our friend who works there described it, it was definitely a “show night”: so many people who were there were “once a year” swingers, or people who went so they could tell their vanilla friends that they had gone to a swingers club. There were definitely orgies going on, which is not that common for a regular weekend night. The number of people in there was overwhelming for both of us, and so although we may have otherwise played there, we stuck to socializing, meeting new people, and dancing. It was really great 😀

And even though I bought new shoes for the night, and my feet were killing me, J convinced me to dance in the cage and take off my dress. And I absolutely loved it. Even though I have been dancing, the experiences of dancing as work and dancing in our club are two completely different things for me. I dated a girl for a bit a while ago who used to dance, and she was astounded that people just got naked at our club. I remember her saying “I’m used to people paying me to take off my clothes. I am not going to take mine off for nothing!” It was so interesting, too, because last night a girl got in the cage and she clearly had stripper moves. And she didn’t take any clothes off. What is it about stripping that makes some dancers value their nakedness so much? Well it’s obvious, I guess. If your naked body is now a commodity, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that you would show it off for free. And yet, I have not felt that for myself. I still totally get off dancing at our club. It feels so much more like “my space,” and because I clearly recognize it as not work, but as going out and having fun, and because it was a favorite activity of mine before I started dancing, there would be no reason why I wouldn’t still enjoy it.

Today was the first day that I felt some hesitation about going to work. I think is has more to do with the fact that I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep this weekend than anything to do with dancing, but I want to make sure to pay attention to those feelings. I ended up having a pretty fun shift, and am looking forward to working tomorrow 🙂 

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