Some of you are aware, as we have talked to some of you about, that J often has sex while he sleeps. Sometimes it happens a few times in a week, sometimes it’s less than that.

Last night we had another steamy and sleepy session, and it prompted me to look into sexsomnia a bit more. (It was hot, by the way. Some humping and tit squeezing followed by a hot BJ and cum swallowing ;-D He woke up right near the end and quickly fell back asleep. Ha!)

From what I could find in my brief research, 1 out of 12 people experience sexsomnia. It is now considered another sleep disorder, similar to sleepwalking. Individuals who have experienced another sleep disorder are more likely to experience sexsomnia. J has had trouble sleeping his whole life (possibly due to having chronically inflamed tonsils) which may explain his proclivities. I also wonder about genetics, because his brother is also an active sleeper. 

I wouldn’t pathologize sleep sex (that is, I am not inclined to call it a “disorder”) but I also like be woken up to J going at it. It can be exhausting for me (I don’t sleep through it), but it doesn’t happen regularly enough to impact me on a consistent basis. In fact, J’s plans to get his tonsils removed has me a little worried about losing our nighttime sexy rendezvous.

Here are some articles that I found useful and interesting if you are so inclined to read about it more yourself 🙂

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