Aahhh :-)

Totally had an amazing girl-girl experience at this new club this past week. It was hot, hot, hot. Can’t wait to do it again.

Mostly fingering, teensy bit of oral. My lady friend is straight, but told me she would rather “kiss a pretty girl than an ugly guy.” And she was totally down to play on stage. It was so much fun! My lady-sex needs have been severely under-met lately, so this was really, really amazing. While a “girlfriend” sounds like an amazing relationship to have in my life at some point, I have been loving the development and maintenance of other emotionally satisfying relationships with other women in my life. And I love that I have some kind of access to sexual relationships (albeit work relationships) with women. Integration will be lovely to have at some point, but for now, I am happy 🙂

This post is just me C e L e B r A t I nG!

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