Sexy Shower Time

So in my ongoing quest to rediscover my orgasms sans Hitachi, I pulled out one of my favorite dildos to use in the shower. (I’ve had some awesome ones with J recently, too. Cowgirl has been one of the best positions to really get into. I have remembered that after a lot of G spot stimulation, my clit gets more and more sensitive and the sensation alone of J’s lower abdomen on my clit while I ride him is definitely enough to get me off. They are beautiful, full-body, writhing-with-pleasure kinds of orgasms. The ones that mean I can hardly move afterwards.)

You know when the mood strikes you- you just feel turned on from being alive and realize you need to satisfy that itch?

So I did. I got my awesome dildo out, my silicone lube, and got in the shower. I love the suction cup base and I love the challenge from the size of the dildo. I even fingered my ass, which I rarely do. I came multiple times, and my last amazing orgasm happened while I was riding the dildo and fingering my ass. I loved the sensation on my finger of my ass and pussy contracting, relaxing, pulsating while I orgasmed. 

There is something, too, about being sexy in the shower- or any water for that matter. I love being sexy in hot tubs and at the lake and in the ocean. It’s different for me than my other preferred masturbating area- in my bedroom in front of the closet mirror. I realized that all of my processing and stress from the past couple of months left me dry of my personal sex life, and I feel happy that I have been feeling in the mood again, and aware enough to take advantage of myself 😉 

I am also happy to have a more consistent personal sex life again, as this was something that came up for me in counseling a little while ago. It had to do with being in touch with myself and giving myself the touch and intimacy that I desire in my life. I feel relaxed and happy remembering that I can give myself some of those things that I desire.

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