Girls & The L Word

I have experienced major, major, tingly, heart-beat-rushing, butterflies-in-my-stomach, blush-inducing crushes on only a few girls. I have experienced many other attractions to other women, ranging from mild to spicy. But god, I love the crushes. I feel so awkward, like how I remember feeling in high school around guys I totally crushed on. It’s kind of delicious. (And who likes feeling awkward? I do in these cases. Ha.)

Also, I sat on my butt a lot this week and finally finished the sixth season of The L Word. Why do I do that to myself?! I get so darn antsy (aka sexually antsy) watching the hot sex scenes. I watched three episodes last night, which yes,  I realize is a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes of being glued to a screen. Yikes. But I couldn’t help myself. I love me some hot ladies.

This is how I feel right now: SIGH. I have been absolutely loving my friendships with women the past couple of months and have been feeling a lot more satisfied overall with the amount of woman in my life, even though there hasn’t been any romance or sex involved. And yet, I feel like a piece of me is waiting in a crouched position. Aching, aching for some woman desire to be returned and acted on. Haha, and watching The L Word, I realize, isn’t helping much.

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