Exciting Developments

This past week has been pretty exciting for me. 😀

I found out I got into one of the MFT programs I applied to, and I had a really fantastic interview with another one. The interviewers were super engaged, and got excited with me about why I was excited to go through the program. It was a really great experience. I have another interview this week, and then I should find out where I get in by mid to late March. And then J and I will start weighing all of our different variables as to what the hell we are doing come May. 

And, the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice.com reached out to me, asking if I would guest blog on their site. After some back-and-forth to make sure that she understood my content was completely different than what they currently have on there (right now, they are kind of Ask Men + Cosmo… blah), I decided to go for it! I am super excited about reaching a wider, more mainstream audience and to get into writing more advice-oriented posts. My first post should be published by the end of the week under the For Women section. I would love it if they added an Open Dating section (as one of our friends said- Yeah, maybe they’ll get relevant) because I felt more constrained in writing my post “for women.” That being said, the editor-in-chief seems really sincere and genuine in wanting to add diversity to their dating advice, and really wanted some open relationship-oriented posts. So, I think they are trying to be more relevant to more people, but like anything more mainstream, it happens slowly.

These developments have been really awesome for a few reasons. It has been really validating to feel like what I want to do (sex positive sex educator, relationship coach/counselor) is something I am capable of. Knowing that there are programs that are supportive and welcoming of my experiences and goals is awesome. And being reached out to provide some perspective on these issues for a more mainstream audience is also really awesome. These things came at a particularly good time for me, because of the relentless negative body image issues I have been going through; it has been insanely positive to have some positive, affirming, empowering messages sent back to me about my mind and heart, that have zero to do with my body. They have been a welcome distraction from the body image/negative self talk I have been tackling the past couple of weeks. Yay! 🙂

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