MFT Interview

I had a really fabulous interview for another MFT program. I don’t know if I will get in; I had no idea how competitive it is. But, I was super impressed with how inclusive and diverse the space of applicants felt. There were at least a handful of other applicants who identified as queer, and one other applicant (a gender queer man from Wisconsin!) who identifies as poly and is really involved in the BDSM community. Awesome!! I felt so comfortable in the space. I felt at home, too, because the group was so much more ethnically and culturally diverse. It was like being back in the Bay Area. 

That kind of space is what I crave to experience. Thinking about learning and working with a group of students who are going to go on to be supportive counselors is amazing. I want to be among them!! *Fingers crossed* *Reminder: It’s all going to work out.*

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