In counseling yesterday:

“Well, I feel like a lot of people have told me- people in my innermost circles- have said I see you with a PhD. What does that even mean? What does that mean they see me with a PhD? What does that even look like? How would I look different with another Masters? It’s the image thing. That I am more valued with a PhD than with another Masters. I am just trying to figure out which program is in alignment with my goals afterwards. A research PhD program at Indiana University, where the Kinsey Institute is, sounds so, so, SO amazing. The person they assigned to be my advisor is AMAZING! But… research and academia does not sound like my cup of tea long term. So I think I better do the Masters.”

My counselor looks at me. She nods her head. I already know what I should do.

She validates me and my desires and she says: “This work you are doing is beautiful, and is so important to the work you want to do.”

I love that. I used that in one of my interview answers- that it is really important to me to be in a program that focuses on self-awareness. It is really awesome to me that my counselor goes to counseling, because it tells me that even counselors continue to benefit from and integrate their own self awareness and growth work into their personal and professional lives.

So, the decisions I (and J) have to make in the next 1-2 weeks:
-Which schools to put deposits down at/confirm that I am coming, so that
-We have more time to bide before J knows better about potential job opportunities, so that
-J knows which state to take his licensing exams in, so that
-We know where the hell we are moving to this summer/fall

Whew. We’ll get there. These are exciting decisions to be making 🙂

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