Erotic Dream

We had decided to just be friends. I have been feeling sad and disappointed. We were hanging out, in a beautiful house. For some reason, we both have our shirts off. Your tits are so firm and round and lovely and fit perfectly into my hands. I turn to leave, somewhat remorseful and feeling pitiful that it wasn’t ever going to be more. You catch my arm, turn me back around, and say Wait. You smile and lean in. You kiss me. Long and sweet. I smile, ecstatic. I had been waiting to show you how much I love you. We fall onto a large bed, rolling around, kissing, laughing. We start to tear each other’s clothes off. I reach down in between your legs, and feel a cock. I feel absolutely neutral. You could have a pussy or a cock or something in between, and I wouldn’t care. Because you are a beautiful, amazing soul and I don’t care what bits you have in between your legs. You look at me concerned, but I tell you with my body and eyes that I love you. You relax, releasing yourself into my arms. We continue to play, loving each other’s bodies.

I wake up, sad that it was only a dream, but grateful that at least I had one of you.

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