The Open Community is Large

larger than anyone realizes.

J and I posted an ad on Craigslist. We figured that we can still go out and meet fun and sexy people, even if we end up moving in a month or so. We might as well enjoy the open community here while we can! (And if we end up staying, then we’ll just have more sexy friends!! YAY!)

[An aside: it’s really interesting how what kind of encounter sounds most satisfying depending on our life context. Right now, in the midst of a ton of stress and trying to decide what we are doing in a month or so, some casual and hot encounters with hot people sounds really fun. We gotta get some before we leave!!! But at other times in our life, when things have been more stable and relaxing, both of us have been up for more in-depth, long-term relationships with other people.]

But it is staggering to me the number of responses we get. Most of the time, we get about one really awesome response from a couple that we figure is worth meeting in person. This time, we got about five. Five. (haha, that doesn’t sound as impressive in writing as I thought it would.) And all of the responses were from people we hadn’t met yet. And none of the couples had posted ads themselves on CL. And all of the couples are fairly new to their open relationship, dabbling in traditional swinging and progressive swinging and poly. Again, the diversity of the community is exciting. The open community is so much bigger than I remember sometimes, and expanding so rapidly. It’s awesome!!

…And a little bit sad when I think about moving away to a much tinier town, away from any big city. We have actually posted ads in our potential new ‘hood, and we have gotten maybe three decent responses in the past 3-4 months (as opposed to our most recent five in the past two days here). I don’t foresee hitting it off super amazingly well with any of them, but to at least have friends in open relationships will be nice. J and I will just have to be the hub for a new open community. Because I will have one, dammit!

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