Managing Jealousy

My managing jealousy post went live today on DA, and to make it tantalizing, the title they gave it is: “Can You Watch Your Partner Have Sex with Another Person and Not Get Jealous?” Haha! It’s kind of long. And not very accurate as to what my post is about. But I have also realized that DA’s article titles are usually more “mainstream” obnoxious, while a lot of the content is more complex and intelligent (in my opinion).

My main points were:
Accept jealousy as a common emotion, and manage it like any other.
Understand where it comes from (envy, competition, insecurities, etc.).
What the barrier method is.
What the phobia model is.
How you can support your partner if they are experiencing jealousy.

There is one mistake in my post, which I am emailing my editor about. The third sentence of point number two, reads “For example, in a lot of open relationships, you could be feeling in competition with someone or feeling fearful you will be left.” I did not write “in a lot of open relationships” into that sentence. I think you can feel in competition with someone else or feel fearful in a monogamous relationship. I certainly did, many times.

For anyone who goes to DA to read it, I’d love to hear there or here if I missed any big points with managing jealousy. I think it’s a large topic, and it was pretty tough to be as concise as possible when talking about it.

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