A Nude Beach, Gay Hot Tub, & My Thong

J and I had the amazing opportunity and privilege (money, time, etc) to take a spontaneous trip to Maui to celebrate his graduation. We got here a couple days ago and will be here for another 12 days. I can’t quite believe we get two whole weeks here. Amazing.

We intentionally planned on staying on the south part of the island so we could be closer to the nude beach (Little Beach), because I just absolutely love being naked in the sun, and J doesn’t find it half bad either ;) I love the assumption that I go off of when at Little Beach: that nakedness is embraced by all of the sunbathers there, that it’s not weird or shameful, but something to welcome and embrace and enjoy. My body is mine to enjoy. Naked.

Three days at the nude beach and we have been completely befriended by the locals, including one gem/character of a man. On our second day, he came over to our spot on the beach and asked if I would do him a favor and walk on his back. I was super nervous- I have never given anyone an ashiatsu massage. But I was game, and he gave good instructions, and I did a good job (according to him). Because he was so appreciative, he gave me a massage (with his hands not his feet). He told me that I was really great at giving massage because of how “in my body” I am, and he commented on how “plugged in” J is and how joyous and big his energy is. After rubbing my back and shoulders, he said he was going to feel my “etheric body” (like my aura, I think). After a few minutes of his hands above my back, he put his finger right into the sorest part of my right shoulder (it’s been chronically sore for a few months), and told me how that spot is associated with the heart and freedom. (I’ll take that and chew on it for a while- sort of like reading my horoscope…)

Everywhere else we go, I put on a thong bottom with a bikini top. I love it. I love my ass, and I love the way it looks in my thong bottoms, and I could care less where I am walking around when I wear it. Embracing my ass and my near-naked ass, and giving up shame.

Tonight, we were in our condo complex’s hot tub, and it was by far the most fun night so far, in terms of who we met there and what the conversation was like. There was a family with adult children, and a group of three gay men. Once the family was gone (they made it clear they were friendly but more conventional), the conversation took a turn for the better, and we found out that the group of gay men also frequent Little Beach (they had also been there the past couple of days) and we had plenty to talk and laugh about together. They found out that I strip, after one of them made a comment about my ass and my thong. I wanted to tell them about J and I being open, but I had this weird thought process about not wanting to be looked as a “weirdo” by people part of a community that has (typically) thrown poly people under the bus. I don’t know how they would have responded (and I still have ideas that they may have been a triad), but it was the first time I have found myself caught in a weird space of being with people that I felt pretty comfortable around, and yet not having the best idea as to whether they would be open-minded to my own marginalized community.

I am so grateful that J and I are able to be here and relax together and enjoy each other here. 88 and sunny, breezy, coconut milk smoothies, nude beach, hot tubs, walks, sex (I happened to wake up to myself riding J in my sleep- I guess he’s not the only one who is a sexy sleeper. ha!)… it’s a blessing. And getting to experience the alternative communities here is also awesome. 

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