Dirty Talk

My next post went live on DA: “How to Talk Dirty in Bed” I like this one a lot 😀

It’s not a how-to article at all; it’s about my own exposure to dirty talk and the evolution of dirty talk within my primary relationship.

Here’s a snippet:

“We fantasize together a lot.

We engage in a lot of fantasy dirty talk about past experiences, experiences planned for the future or true fantasies (they most likely will never happen).
I guess it is helpful that we have similar fantasies and can share them in this way.
Often our fantasies are about me with other men. It turns us both on to insane levels to whisper about me getting men off in various ways and places.
We also fantasize about threesomes with other women and about foursomes with other couples.
We incorporate things that really turn me on, like being tied up, being submissive to men, being dominant to women, being an exhibitionist or having sex in a public place.

It’s true our brain is our biggest sex organ.

Given enough mental stimulation, we both can almost reach orgasm without much physical stimulation.
What I have discovered is: mental stimulation + relaxation + body awareness and being present = a surefire way to have explosively delicious sex.

Do you talk dirty during sex, or do you let your partner do all the talking? What are you comfortable verbalizing and what do you keep quiet about? I’d love to hear any experiences you’ve had when talking dirty.”

Yay, dirty talk!! And a big, big shout out to our sexy friends, K & J, for being the source of inspiration for this post. I love you both 😀 And K’s filthy, filthy mouth.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Talk

  1. Thanks you, K for your sexy article! It is very true; for both of us as well, dirty talk is one the biggest stimuli in the realm of sexuality. I am ecstasized by heating her talking about the things she wants other men do to her, or the naughty things she loves to see me do to other girls. And to tell you the truth, if I want to make her have an orgasm quick, it is usually enough to tell her about how I made my colleague cum as she was bent over her desk with her white coat above her waist! And that is only one example among many others we usually fantasize about!

    Anyways, please keep writing and posting as I find your writings both very informative and erotic at the same time.

    Happy Having Positive Sexuality

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