Naked Bike Ride

J and I finally popped our naked bike ride cherries last night. YAY! I had been dying to do it since we found out about it two years ago. 

It was truly exhilarating for me. We were about to cross a bridge into downtown and I said, “I’m doing it. I’m getting naked right now.” I stripped off everything like I was at Little Beach (in about 5 seconds), and immediately just started beaming to everyone. I don’t know what it is; I love being naked. It feels so freeing. I feel totally alive. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush from breaking norms, from being naked when I’m not supposed to be. But I loved it.

My funniest experience was when J and I were standing around with our sexy friends, in this massive crowd of thousands of naked people with bikes, was to look around and say to J, “I don’t even see the naked anymore.” 

That’s my ideal world: where you don’t even have to point out body-positivity and sex-positivity because it is the norm. Being in a crowd of ten thousand naked people made me feel nakedness is normal and natural; I stopped seeing naked, and just noticed bodies and happy faces. I want that feeling for sexuality in general: I want to feel my body is beautiful always, that I can talk about sex if I want to, that it’s okay to talk about my sexual orientation and my relationship structure, about stripping and sex, about my sex preferences and desires and fantasies- I want to have that all be so normal that it’s not weird to talk about, and that sometimes it’s even so boring I don’t care about talking about it. I want it to be an experience like food: it’s a part of my daily existence that is important and necessary and assumed, but also in that I can talk about a delicious meal I made or about when I accidentally cooked something too long. 

Yay naked people. Yay naked bike ride. Yay sexy friends who made it so much fun and comfortable and satisfying. Yay!

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