American Savage

I’ve already mentioned my love and appreciation for Dan Savage’s newest book, American Savage, in this post of mine about Pride month and this one about cheating and ethics. I finished it this evening, and really enjoyed it.

From his essays on coming out and monogamy and cheating to those on the Affordable Care Act and gun violence, I think he put many of my own liberal sentiments on paper (which was quite gratifying to read). Although sometimes he is rant-y, he is generally rant-y and I expected to read some rant-iness.

His epilogue describes his experience getting married in Washington after same-sex marriage was approved by the voters this past November. It about made me cry:

“One hundred and forty-four other couples married at Seattle city hall on that rainy Sunday in early December. Five pop-up wedding chapels had been erected in the lobby of the building, and everywhere you looked you saw couples that had been together five, ten, twenty, even forty years exchanging vows in front of family members and friends. It was impossible to be at city hall that day and not be moved.

But for me the most moving moment came after our ceremony. A huge crowd had gathered on the steps outside city hall. All day long a brass band at the bottom of the steps played wedding marches. The names of each newly married couple were announced to the crowd as they exited the building. Each time the crowd burst into applause and cheers, throwing rice and flower petals. People shouted, ‘Congratulations!’

And almost all of the well-wishers gathered outside city hall on that glorious gray Sunday were straight people.” (p279)

While I haven’t read his other books so can’t compare his previous writing with this one, I do know that it was worth my time to read, contemplate, and talk about with other people in my life. Thanks for the book, Dan! And thanks for signing it :)

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