Self Care Questionnaire

In follow up to my post on self-compassion, I wanted to post this self care questionnaire. Filling it out may help you see in what areas you could take care of yourself better.

My areas of improvement include:
-Getting enough sleep
-Taking mini vacations/day trips
-Taking time away from my phone
-Engaging my intelligence through attending cultural events that are new for me
-Re-read favorite books and re-watch favorite movies
-Express my outrage in social action
-Play with children
-Spending more time meditating, praying, singing, and reading inspirational literature

Getting more sleep has been a goal of mine for a long time. My counselor this past week actually gave me some concrete advice and suggested I try to get an extra 30-60 minutes at least one night this week. It has yet to happen, but I set an intention this morning that I would get more sleep tonight. So, I am off to bed soon!

Yay self care!

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