Safer Sex Advice

Gah, I haven’t been here in forever! Haha, not really… but we’ve had a lot going on! I have a post up and coming about our party and honeymoon (spoiler alert: it was the BEST!), but first:

My DA post on Safer Sex went live on August 11. Read it and make safer sex sexy! 🙂 Here’s the end (make sure to read the rest!):

“When adding more sexual partners to the mix, it is important to communicate clearly with everyone about your sexual practices.
In my relationship with my primary partner, we have unprotected sex (I have an IUD that we rely on for birth control) and use male condoms for intercourse with all other partners.
We both get tested every three to four months for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV.
We make sure to get hard copies of our results in case any of our future partners want reassurance about our negative test results.
We both talk with any new partner about these practices and ask similar questions of them:

  • When were you last tested?
  • What were you tested for?
  • Who else are you involved with sexually?
  • What safer sex practices do you use with them?

From there, we are able to make an informed decision about what kind of sexual relationship we want and are comfortable with.
If I have a few different partners at any given time, I make sure to keep the lines of communication open, so if anyone has any questions about my safer sex practices with other people, I can talk about it.
Talking about safer sex practices can feel unsexy, but it gets easier and more natural with practice.
It’s important for your health, can help you relax with a new partner and shows you care about your partner’s health, too.
It’s the responsible and ethical thing to do if you do have a chronic STI, and it also demonstrates to any new partners that you care about and respect them enough to provide them with that kind of information.
How do you make safe sex sexy? How do you talk about it with your partner or partners? What tips can you offer to make the conversation more comfortable?”

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