Another Swingers Club! & Drag Queens, Flogging, Male Strippers

J and I finally visited the other swingers’ club in town, and just happened to go on its grand reopening night.

Overall, I like the aesthetic of our regular club better. But, this other club is better for just lounging and chatting with other people. Which J and I both liked.

Highlights of the night included:

-Performances by a couple of drag queens (side note: for some reason I haven’t been able to pinpoint yet, drag queens turn me on. I don’t know if I would want to have sex with one, or if it’s just the super beautiful feminine appearance, or if I just a huge erotic charge from being around non-normative gender displays. But I loved being there in the front row to watch!! Which leads me to…)

-Both J and I were incorporated into a couple of performances. It was so much fun! J got his clothes torn off of him while she lip synched “Closer.” And he got us free tickets to the Erotic Ball for his cooperation! I am so excited to experience another sexy event! And I got my clothes ripped off and FLOGGED (note: a first for me). I really loved the flogging! It wasn’t super hard- it just felt like a really even slap or spank. It was good pressure and left the right amount of sting.

[Another note: something super interesting was that the drag queen did not seek consent of her participants. She just ripped off people's clothes without asking, touched people without asking- it was poor modeling for a space that espouses itself on consent.]

-A rope suspension demonstration, led by a lovely friend of ours who has tied me up several times. It was awesome to see someone suspended so quickly and well!

-A male stripper group. They were okay. Not quite the level of skill that I was expecting, but still fun to watch. I may have had quite the time with one of them later on… ;)

The club felt more like a divvied up office building, but some of the spaces were neat. One plus was their dancing pole had quite a bit more room around it so dancing there was a little more fun (than at our regular club). The music was lower, so we were actually able to talk to some new people. The food was decent. And this club has hot tubs, which was a lot more appealing than I thought it would be (the rule is to finish playing elsewhere. Thank goodness…) We also both really appreciated the fact that this club seems to attract a wider spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities and appearances- we both appreciated the diversity and felt “at home” there. (That’s my biggest gripe with our regular club- that it doesn’t feel welcoming to gay men, trans people, or cross dressers- although we have seen and met some at our regular club. Having a drag queen MC an evening or more gender fluid events would definitely help shake things up.) I don’t know if we’ll go back to this club or not, but I am so glad we finally checked it out!

3 thoughts on “Another Swingers Club! & Drag Queens, Flogging, Male Strippers

  1. K: I understand from a friend who has played at both that it's a difference in 'style' more than anything. Sesso tries to seem like an upscale nightclub, where it's loud and many people attending are they to 'be seen', not so much to participate. The new VR, if it was anything like the former club, is trying for the laid back local bar like Cheers, where you go to hang out with friends. They are just friends that want to be naked and get it on with each other.

    It's nice Portland is large enough to accommodate 2 different types of clubs. I'm guessing that Sesso attracts a younger crowd, to whom all of the 'lifestyle' is novel and experimenting. The other is more for committed people who just want to enjoy the moments, in a safe atmosphere.

  2. Yes, I think you are right about the difference in the two clubs, and I do think it is very awesome PDX can accommodate TWO swingers' clubs… Sesso doesn't really attract that much of a younger crowd, or more inexperienced crowd. I think it's probably just differences in personalities and desires (maybe more extroverts at Sesso? or people who enjoy to party more? I'm not sure) We have definitely met a ton of experienced “lifestylers,” and older people, at Sesso :-)

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