Puzzle Pieces

I, with the help from J, my sister, her girlfriend, and my mom, finished three 1,000 piece puzzles and one 500 piece puzzle in the past 3 1/2 weeks.

This was BY FAR the hardest puzzle we did; it got finished, amazingly, today:


I think the puzzling helped me put all of the school stress on my mental back burner. I was waiting for my own puzzle of life stuff to come into focus. And I finally made my decision.

I withdrew from my program. I think it will make the same kind of statement to the faculty as staying and trying to fight them. This saves me money, time, and stress. It forced me to sort through my values and prioritize the ones that truly matter. It allows me to look into social service jobs and apply for social work programs, if I want to still forge ahead with goals of becoming a therapist (which, as of now, I definitely do; being a therapist for the sex positive community is still a huge priority and life goal of mine).

The past three weeks (is that all it’s been?!) has been incredibly stressful and draining. I feel like I need another break! I feel so grateful for all of the social support I have around me, and hopeful that by following my heart and values I will arrive at each moment that I need.

PS: For those enneagram nerds out there:

The following tidbit has been helpful for me in the past few weeks:

“As a Two, you most need to incorporate the healthy Levels of Eight to recognize your own strength and to fully claim your presence in the world.”

I’m doing it baby, I’m doing it.

2 thoughts on “Puzzle Pieces

  1. Proud of you and your choice! Way to not let anyone push you around. You’ll be all the better for doing it your way. Can’t wait to hear what comes next!

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