Sunday Reclamation Affirmation

This week I want to focus on reclaiming my sense of self, wholeness, and aloneness. Being truly peaceful with myself as a solitary individual allows me to be authentically peaceful and loving when I move into my partnership(s), friendships, and larger community. Being alone used to legitimately freak me out; I simply equated it with loneliness, and being left or forgotten about or excluded from something.  As I have gotten older and had the experiences that I have had, it has become more and more clear to me that I enjoy being alone- quite a bit actually.  Feelings of exclusion are still challenging for me to fight off, but focusing on what I gain from understanding my aloneness and how I can cultivate and capitalize on my aloneness helps me move through my life more independently and confidently.

I now affirm that I will always be alone, and that I will always be okay.

I now affirm that I can assert my boundaries, and that I will still be loved.


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